About Patrick Arryn


Patrick Arryn Narvaiz, known by Patrick Arryn was born July 10th, 1991. Patrick was raised in a small town in Texas called Temple. Patrick's story from the moment he was born has been unique. Unique as in any person with some spiritual discernment could tell God's hand is on Patrick's life. Patrick is the second child out of four boys born from his mother Misty Narvaiz. Patrick story from birth starts off like this. His original name at birth was Patrick Darnell Bean Jr. His mother named Patrick after a man who was not his biological father. After time passes his mother Misty Narvaiz goes to change his legal name to Patrick ARRYN (Aaorn) Narvaiz after the truth comes out that Mr.Bean was not his biological father.

Patrick goes on to live with his single mother while his biological father is absent in his life. Part of that absence was due to Patrick's father was incarcerated for 10 plus years in federal prison when he was just a child. Mr.Arryn grandmothers, Susie Narvaiz, Ida Ruth Dilworth and Eddie Mae Nickles help his mother raise Patrick. Throughout his childhood, Patrick Arryn would witness his mother get abused and misused by men his mother was in relationships with. 
In the 5th grade Patrick is diagnosed with epilepsy and begins to have seizures on a weekly basis. His team of neurologists in Killeen informed his mother at one point that he would not live longer than 18 years old. Patrick overcomes the seizures on a consistent basis by learning how to take care and manage his body.
Patrick graduated from Temple High School in 2009 and heads off to college and graduated from Temple Junior College in  2012 with his Associates of Arts. Mr.Arryn then graduated from Baylor University in 2016 with his Bachelor of Arts in  Religion. Currently Patrick Arryn is working on his masters degree in Sports Ministry at Baylor University.
Patrick Arryn is a certified sport agent in multiple professional sport leagues. Patrick represents some of the top athletes in America in multiple sports on the player contract and marketing side. Mr.Arryn is a licensed realtor in the state of Texas and assists his clients with their real estate needs and relocation as well. Mr.Arryn has started to get national attention for his public speaking. Patrick has spoken at prestigious universities such as Baylor University. Churches, non-profits, greek life, and many more of these great organizations in the south have reached out to request Patrick Arryn to come speak at their events and services before Covid-19 temporarily shut these events and services down.
In the mean time Patrick Arryn has hosted peaceful protest called "CHANGE IS HERE" all over Texas. Primarily focusing on the small towns who haven't gotten any media attention such as metropolitan areas. Patrick is quoted saying " All of these major cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio are getting all the attention with the protest, I did not want the smaller towns to miss out on the opportunity to experience CHANGE AND UNITY as well!" Towns such as Belton Texas with a population less than 40,000 that he has hosted protest have experienced change immediately after his protest. In Belton Texas a park once named "Confederate Park" name was removed with the efforts of community protest prior to Patrick's protest as well that he hosted in Belton Texas. Mr.Arryn has boldly called out leadership at the highest levels within these communities. Patrick has called out mayors, city council, chief of police and even pastors within the community for not doing their jobs as leaders or to encourage them not allow racism, hate and police brutality.Change and Unity happens immediately in every community Patrick Arryn places his foot in. His goal is to expose racism, hate and police brutality in America and use his resources, platform, voice and ideas to bring change and unity within this country and WORLD. "Change and unity starts with the person in the mirror and then that person goes into their community and reflects change and unity and then the community reflects change and unity to the state and the state repeats those actions to make the country a better place and the country gives an example of change and unity to the world and that is how you create a better future for our youth."
There is a generation coming that will actually live in this country that will not experience the same hate and racism that we have experienced and those prior to us have experienced, but it is our job to lay the foundation for this soon to come generation of young people so they can build an America that is solid and truly justice for ALL! When I speak on white privileged, I am not say I hate or dislike white people, but what I am exposing is that all LIVES have never truly mattered in America. We sung, "WE ARE ALL CREATED EQUAL" when black men and women were not considered a person and then we continued to sing the song when black folks were only considered 3/5 of a person. ALL lives still does not exist in this country, so until then we continue to yell black and brown life matter until we are incorporated with ALL LIVES MATTER. 
Patrick Arryn